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Commercial Multifamily Real Estate – Tax Advantaged Investments

The greatest expense that many Americans face is taxes, which makes the subject of tax advantaged investments so critically important. In fact, the Tax Foundation estimates that in 2017, Americans will pay $3.5 trillion in federal taxes and $1.6 trillion

Commercial Multifamily Real Estate – an Oasis of Lower Volatility Investing

Unlike investing in the stock market, direct ownership of commercial multifamily real estate is a low volatility asset class. The dictionary defines volatility as the liability to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse. People with volatile tempers tend

Commercial Multifamily Real Estate – Significantly Less Risk Than The Stock Market

Saying that direct ownership in high-quality commercial multifamily real estate has less risk than the stock market is like saying that broccoli is better for you than Twinkies or water is better for you than soda. It just is…the evidence

2 Pillars of Apartment Investment Value

Retaining and increasing the value of your apartment investment is fundamental to your long term survival. It is Warren Buffet’s number 1 rule: “First rule of investing..Don’t lose money” To follow that rule with apartment investments you need to focus

Considering Real Estate Investing? 5 Pros and Cons.

Have you considered real estate investing? If so, now is the right time. Consider these pros and cons. Five Pros: You have direct control of your real estate investment. You receive monthly income from tenants. Your investment property is an

Investment Property and Permanent Wealth

Investment Property and developing Permanent Wealth are a key parts of the 37th Parallel Properties investment philosophy and approach. It is a slightly different concept than just net worth, and it is worth understanding the difference. Your net worth is

Real Estate Investing Lessons from Jason Bourne

Have you ever seen the movie “Bourne Identity” with Matt Damon? If not, you should.  Great movie. Or better yet, read the book by Robert Ludlum. Now, there’s a particular scene in the movie though I want to talk about

Real Estate Investing – 10 Common Mistakes of New Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investing is the greatest wealth builder in history, but it requires a focused plan, determined effort and time.  And, like all endeavors, it won’t always go as planned. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that

Wall Street’s Perspective on The Real Estate Sector

A recent summit in Wall Street has provided some interesting insight into what is going on in the Real Estate sector, both here and globally, and predicts what investors can expect in the next 12-24 months. At this summit, David

Cash Flow Real Estate Investing: How CAPT can make you rich

Why Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow is Your Safest Bet I’ve been accused on more than occasion of using too many acronyms. And more often than not it’s a fair accusation! You can blame it on a military father or too